17th-18th November: A big pile of crap.

Well I said it would be shit and for the most part it was. Bethany had tonsillitis so there was going to be little chance of any birding and swimming was off. Fortunately the weather was on our side so we paid a visit to Sheffield's Botanical Gardens. Despite being almost in the centre of Sheffield this site has had some pretty good birds, namely Black-throated Thrush, Arctic Redpoll and Yellow-browed Warbler. Today it had just a few Redwings.

One more move and I'll kick your head in.

Sunday's forecast was also spot on in that it was very cold and wet all day. We went to Murderhall with all the other saddo's and bought stuff. With my weekend parenting over I returned Beth to base and went home :(

My weekend just got better I have been invited on a long weekend to Islay in late February by some very nice people :)


Mrs Miggins said...

Sorry Mark, your request for a Sunday Dinner pie has gone done the shitter (literally) as theres no Sunday Dinner left to put in a pie,as humongous norm and my parents have -oh and me have finished the lot off!

Humongous Norm said...

Are you stalking us one week on ???

Mark said...

You greedy bastards. I will starve tomorrow now :(