19th November: Wetter than an Otters pocket

Today it rained all day and was generally very miserable, but you don't need me to tell you that. Highlight of the day was a rather juvenile email discussion with Kerrie (the lovely) about the very confusing array of cooking utensils available in Ann Summers. Apparently the thing I mistook for a pastry cutter is not!

Weather's too crap to go birding so here's a picture from earlier in the year. Taken in the garden at my parents house. This is a real mean bugger that has a fondness for Collared Doves.

Famous Pie Persons No:3 Simple Simon

Watch this bast**d !


John Hague said...

Our local Sparrowhawk prefers Woodpigeon. Must be more meat on the breast.

Mrs Miggins (Also known as Kerrie (The lovely)) said...

Mark, I hope that your mention of our emails re Ann Summers Pastry Cutters gives Tim some ideas for me for Christmas pressies, otherwise I may just end up with the tea towels he has been threatening to get me for years.