14th November: Huge Erection and a Little Dip

Today was quite exciting in that I got to watch a large group of men handling a huge erection. That is they were erecting a rather tall crane on the site next to work. Apparently the big one on the site is the tallest in Europe and can apparently make itself even bigger.

At last some bird action. Duncan Bye rang me at 1pm to tell me there was a Little Auk on Ulley Res' (made nationally famous by its dam wall threatening to burst during the great flood). Fortunately my ever supportive and part-time birding boss, John, offered to take me for it. Unfortunately on arriving by the bridge it became obvious that the little bugger had buggered off or been eaten by a Pike of which Ulley has plenty. On returning Mr Norman, who met up with us at Ulley, showed me a rather nice looking meat and tattie pie, from Morrison's, that he had been suppressing. This is the second time that Mr Norman has failed to A. provide me with a score and B. Not fetched me one (I think he's jealous that Kerrie is my main supplier).

A quick winge at the useless TW_TS at Rotherham Council who managed to thieve £70 out of my bank account. Despite me cancelling their direct debit the incompetent devious gits managed to set up another DD without my permission!!

Birthday wishes to the lovely Kerrie today. Happie Birthday.


Humongous Norm said...

I am the only person entitled to refer to Mrs Miggin's as lovely if you don't mind !!!

LaRGE Piegobbler said...

Are you and Kerrie heading for a marriage made in heaven?

Mark said...

No No absolutely not. I am only interested in her pies.

Mrs Miggins said...

Oh dear, Mr Miggins AKA humongous norm is getting very jealous Mark, perhaps we should keep our pie liaisons a secret?