4th November: Derwentdale

I received an email last night from Square Pies. I'd cheekily asked them for some free samples in return for adding a link to the blog. They have agreed to give me a couple of free pie meals on presentation of their email. The only snag is is that their outlets appear to be exclusively in the southeast. So if any of you southern softies are near any of their outlets and you want to review their pies let me know and I'll forward the email to you - first come first served.

Well by now I should have got Mourning Dove on my British list, but I haven't. However had I been interested in seeing it I could have offered Kris (billy no mates who comes from Sheffield and always advertisers for lifts on RBA) a lift, been up there Saturday, ticked it and probably back home now writing about how fantastic a bird it was. But by following the rules of the UK 4,000000 calories club and its commander in chief LaRGE Pie Gobbler I can tick it. Why? Because had I gone over the last two days I would have seen it. Also by choosing this option I have also added a carbon neutral tick to my list, number 484 thank you LaRGE.

Instead of chasing pigeons I opted for a 5 hour walk in the Derwent Valley with both parents. Being over 20 years since I last did this walk I'd forgotten just how far it was. I saw very few birds, the highlights being several Crossbills and a Raven, but the weather was amazing and better than most days this summer had to offer.

Windy Corner (though it wasn't)

Howden Res'

Having tired the old folk out and burned loads of calories off I let them treat me to a Chinese, what a generous chap I am.


Anonymous said...

Free pie for a Southern softie? I'm your man! (but only in that way, before you get excited).
Andy L.

Mark said...

I will forward you the email Andy. I see you've been doing some filthy twitching in the Western sles.

Richard Fray said...

Mourning Dove is THE most boring bird ever, trust me. If you're coming out here with Rob in a few months, you will be sick of the sight of them by day 2.

And, Oi! Reeder! Where's your link to my fabulous website www.rpf-wildlife-photos.com, you bugger?


Kerrie said...

Come on Mark get your finger out and put those dumbells down and get your flippin blog updated. Ive stopped buying HEAT, Reveal,
Pick Me up, Get a life, etc magazines to read at lunchtime as your blog gave me some light entertainment, but Ive had to read the same stuff for the past two days. I may just have to go out and buy this weeks HEAT and see if Posh has squeezed a spot or not if you dont hurry up! BE WARNED... no blog updates and I wont feed you anymore!!!

Mark said...

I will try and do something tonight put it might not be very exciting as I've been a bit boring the last couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Where's the email mate? I've just had to make do with a Ginsters pasty. Note: Ginsters are advertising a new range of pies.
My old Ma (BOU 483, gauld bless her) makes a mean meat and tatter pie (she's northern). I'll cook it for you next year if Rob agrees to have me back.......
Andy L

Mark said...

My email is down at the moment. crappy talktalk. I can see us having a pie cook off at this rate.

Anonymous said...

The PIE400CLUB SUPERFICIAL RARITY COMMITTEE have reviewed the situation and agreed upon a special exception to the carbon neutral law of the PIE400 Club. From here on Mark Reeder shall not be able to benefit from this rule.

The simple reason is that he consumes too many pies when inert thus produces excessive methane output. He is so bad that an American four by four vehicle would only produce half the methane emissions crossing the Sahara.

Even with Charley Boorman in it spouting grammatically defective inane drivel.

Yours sincerely,
LaRGE Piegobbler.