5th November: Remember Remember

Believe it or not I have managed, so far, not to see a single firework. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for hearing the bloody things. I can't imagine that Sheffield was this noisy during the blitz and probably less explosives were involved. Anyway rant over.

No birds were seen today except for the usual scabby town pigeons and no pies have been consumed for days (since the wonderful meat and tattie). I even thought about popping into Greggs but fortunately the queue of chavs outside deterred me.


Kerrie said...

About bloody time too! I wish I had known earlier, Ive wasted £1.30 on a crap magazine.

Wibble wibble said...

Late post.

I remember tealifting a massive firework from some asian fly by night firework merchant in Sheffield while I was visiting student friends. We took it to a park where a long pub filled road runs from the Sheffield United stadium area.

Lit it with a Marlboro Lights ciggy.

Seven of us thought the fuse went out and walked in to examine in a drunken haze and it went off!

What a f**king brilliant display it provided!

We didn't move one bit and enjoyed an intimate spectacle stood inside it all!

Rounded the evening flogging the disinfectant, TCP, to other drunks at the 'happening digs' for a quid a glass!

Happy innocent days!