6th November: Peace talks

Another session in the gym first thing lead to a further reduction in the man boobs - which is a shame as they are the only ones I get my hands on these days.

First meeting with a moderator today (though on my own) went okay but unless they're thinking of using Kofi Annan I'm not expecting miracles!!

On another note: The Sandringham Harrier Slaying

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said: "The bodies of the Hen Harriers have not been found and there is no forensic or ballistic evidence." CPS lawyer Andrew Baxter was quoted as saying "I am satisfied the police investigation has been thorough and there are no other areas of investigation which can be pursued."
Police had originally identified three suspects: Prince Harry, William Van Cutsem and David Clarke, a gamekeeper

Shame the Ginger tosser couldn't have used his firearm skills in Iraq. Don't suppose they'll still be investigating this one in ten years.


darrell j prest said...

his dad mr hewitt(not john) will be proud his son has got off with it.

Mark said...

Imagine if it were John "who wo tha wi wo tha wi thi sen or w tha lakin wi t' Dutch chuff"

Bradley said...

Mate, lovin your blogs, i heard Kevin Keegan was goin to the press over the old Hen Harrier shootin malarchy, sure as damn it if you had shot those birds you would have been hauled over the coals, as you said 'rant over'. ps check out 'lifeatthevalley.blogspot.com' not much happenin atm coz on days off but will be soon

John Hague said...

I reckon the Queen should be prosecuted for allowing the Hen Harriers to be shot on her land. She'd soon shop someone to take the rap. I fucking hate royalty!

Mark said...

Oi John boy moderate your potty mouth!