8th November: A lost lost weekend!

Well fortunately sense prevailed and I wasn't tempted to head north for the Brunnich's.
However more tempting was the invitation to a party apparently full of "very sexy ladies" Unfortunately the party was on Shetland and with parental duties, financial restraints and incredibly rough seas it was a non starter. How good could that have turned out Brunnich's on the list and a lost weekend in south mainland - we'll never know.

A Purple Sandpiper at RVCP, this morning, will hopefully still be there in the morning.

A Shepherd's Pie for tea (that's dinner to you Southern freaks) was delicious but sadly not a pie in the true sense.

Back in Scotland it's all happening here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/edinburgh_and_east/7080759.stm

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Wibble wibble said...

Scotch Pies! Ahhhhhhh (said in Homer Simpson stylee).

No one liked them at boarding school so my Scots mate and I used to wolf the excess down in a competition. He is still a mate after all these years.

Still go to Morrisons for them in twin packs! Delish!

The only reason why I genuinely love a long distance twitch to Scotland!

I mean, come on, Barrow's Goldeneye or a genuine Scots Pie? No contest!