13th October: A Bad Choice

Despite not drinking last night I still woke up with a hangover!! Perhaps I am now starting to sober up. Despite this I went for a wander around Toab scoring a couple of Yellow-broweds and even better views and photos of the Pechora.

After returning for breakfast we decided to have a quick look in the Quendale area for the Hornemanni Arctic Redpoll and if any new migrants had dropped in. There was very little apart from a couple of Yellow-broweds and the odd Chiffchaff. We only had flight views of the Redpoll flashing its very striking snowy white rump. A quick visit to Noness failed to produce the Woodlark but gave us chance to visit the Sandwick Bakery. An amazing array of pies was on offer and I chose to go for the Cheese, Bean and Tattie. An excellent choice a good weighty pie with a generous layer of quality beans and mashed potato topped with cheese. Heated up in the microwave for 1 minute 20 seconds and consumed in no time at all a full 12 points on the Pie Scale for these two hot beauties.

Hot Pie on Pie Action

Pies consumed we decided to head for the plantations of Kergord. Both Upper Kergord and Kergord were disappointing only producing single Yellow-broweds at each. Our visit was cut short by a pager message of a White's Thrush at Sumburgh followed by another of a Red-flanked Bluetail at Scatness. To make things worse those bloody punks had found the latter leaving us slightly vexed. A frantic drive to Sumburgh resulted in crap views of the Thrush and only a very brief view of the Bluetail at Scatness.

Spangled F*** Thrush

The crowd at the latter were getting argumentative so we decided to go and have another look at the Thrush. Better views were obtained so we returned to Sunnydell and I took Sparky for a walk in to Toab.
A phone call from Bethany (my daughter) informed me that the Lada (see post 6th Oct') was coming round which thrilled me no end!


col said...

if you do make it to whalsey the main shop there does do some pretty good pies - macaroni ones (tops), plus tattie & bean (class), and I think some meat ones - you mite even find something too!

Anonymous said...

Note that Caspian Steak pie & North American Steak pie have not yet been formally split.
On another note,I have been informed that Siberian Mincepie and Chicken & Mushroomolated Pie have been suppressed on Foula.
Finally there are some quadrilateral pastry based meat savouries on sale at Toab. Sold as 'Pie(s) are squared'.

Richard Fray said...

Mark, can I be the first to offer an overseas pie review?

You just can't get decent meat pies in the States, but I thought I'd crakced it when I found some frozen Scotch pies in an import store here in Tucson, Arizona. They're made in San Fransisco by an "English" bakery.

Well, in deference to your blog, and having had my appetite stirred by, in particular, your "hot pie on pie action" clip, I went for one for lunch.

Very disappointing. In fact, quite revolting. 1/10, although the fact that I'm at home and I own a microwave, I suppose could bump it up to 3/12...

Richard in AZ

Mark said...

But what about the infamous American Pie. Sorry Richard jus got back from the Sumburgh you know how it is.

Russ Haywood said...

Andy Roadhouse is a big fan of Steak Bridie from Vidlin stores.I doubt he'll ever look at another pie......

Martin said...

That's the best pie action I've seen on the web for some time. Looking forward to the steak bridie / scoth pie/ macaroni cheese threesome.