14th October: And On The Seventh Day

A bit of a lie in this morning, after another late one. First port of call was for yesterdays Bluetail. Fortunately things were a little friendlier here today and the bird was showing down to just a couple of metres and we spent a good half hour photographing it.

Red-flanked Bluetail (M N Reeder)

A report of an unidentified Locustella at Quendale was intriguing enough to go and have a look. After an hour there we had had enough the fact that it had changed from being a possible PG Tips to a Lancy filled us with a bit of sceptism. As Sparky had been sat in the car all mornng we thought it only fair to take him for a walk in the Exnaboe areea where we saw absolutely nowt. We returned to Sunnydell for refreshments though again being Sunday pies were not on offer, although there were two catergory D Pork Pies in the fridge. Whilst entertaining the local tour guide we were alerted to a Dusky Warbler at Sumburgh Farm. On arriving the bird was feeding in the sheltered garden before becoming very mobile and elusive.
Rob needed fags at this stage so a trip to Mainlands Stores was required. On arrival I headed straight to the chiller cabinet and caught sight of a couple of savoury chicken pies - bonus pie on the sabbath. As there were two Rob and I were able to share them and gave them a joint rating of 7 on the Pie Scale.

Following the pies we headed for Boddam. We took time to cover the gardens, shoreline and fields but had bugger all and decided that the fat lady was well and truly tuning up.
The run of finding things beginning with 'P' continued

A Request from Toab.

Could birders visiting the Pechora Pipit park safely and not climb on the walls or vice versa.

Oops (Helen Moncrieff)


Skev said...

Hey Mark - some great shots on your blog and really good to see someone putting in the time and effort in the field. I know you are a devoted patch-basher but I think your pie-oneering work on Shetland is excellent stuff. I think your little video from 13th is a teaser though - when are you going to give us the 'money-shot'? Hope things are quieter and generally less homosexual now the Nordagerdi Pillow-biters have departed? Keep up the good work - and I hope your trousers have elasticated waist-bands so you can maintain momentum.

Simon said...

Can we have the story behind the Car wall (!) It looks as though maybe a lady was reverse parking ;-)



Mark said...

Hi Skev

Unfortunately the full 'money shot' version is only available by subscribing to www.hotpies.com

Piegobbler said...

Nice parking......for a wimmin you know, like?