23rd October: Northern Pie Fest

Following his expedition to the frozen north I have handed over today's blog to Mr Fray.

Right then, it's pie time. First things first, a review of the breakfast pie: this was purchased from Mainlands, so automatically loses 2 points for the lack of heating facilities there. However, I brought it home and used my own microwave, so I'm not sure if that allows it to have its 2 points back? The pie itself was good, but not as spectacular as hoped for, and I would award it 8 out of 10. Definitely not quite up to the standard of lasagne pie or chicken and white sauce pie.

Now two new pies, both of which were purchased from the garage/shop at Brae yesterday. It occurred to me whilst I was there that most of the pies reviewed so far (including the two I am about to review now) are made by Johnson and Wood of Voe, which is just up the road from Brae. Therefore, the Brae garage/shop should be a fine source of new, unusual and plentiful pies.

Exhibit A is a Curry Pie. The ingredients, as you can see, include "bovine meat", which is a little bit vague and perhaps slightly disturbing. The pie was quite average, it wasn't particularly curry-some (if that's a word, which I don't suppose it is), and unfortunately it only warranted 6 out of 10. However, the Brae shop has a microwave, so that's another 2 points. There is also a bonus point available for the Brae shop which I shall explain below.

Exhibit B is a Macaroni Pie. This is without doubt the best pie in the world ever, and looked so good that I took a photo of it undressed as well as in its package. Macaroni cheese on top with a splendid baked bean bonus underneath. Easily 10 out of 10, plus 2 for the microwave. In my opinion, the new King of Pies. And what's more, the Brae shop gets another bonus point as there is a bit of a stunner who works there too - on a par with the Eshaness cafe girl, fine br**sts etc. I didn't know whether to look longingly at the Macaroni Pie or the br**sts. In the end I got completely confused and tried to put the br**sts in the microwave and pay the Macaroni Pie for my shopping.

So that's it for pies at the moment. I will continue exploring. Rob

Thanks Rob. I see six months on Shetland has not made you lose your shallow feelings towards the female form.


Dan said...

Brilliant. I only found this site through birding but now I keep looking at it in case there have been new pie sightings. Pity you didn't get to the Bluetail at Flamborough Mark, I was looking out for anyone eating a pie in case it was you.

darrell j prest said...

what strange pie's they have on shetland

John Hague said...

Good to see that the SMF of SM is back on the prowl for peis and ladies. I'm not sure that Curry and Pies should go together. As a fan of football, birds and most importantly pies I can honestly say I have never felt the desire to combine Pastry, meat and curry. The whole thing is alien and in my opinion should be regarded in category E (for Evil).
I managed the Bluetail, ticked off LRG Ego for the year too. Sadly due to lack of time I wasn't able to celebrate with a quality pie from the secret Specialist Pie Advisory and Retail service SPAR for short...oops, said too much) just off the M62 at Goole.

col said...

NOW YER TALKIN!! Macaroni pie with beans - a near mythical creation! I used to have a macaroni pie everyday for breakfast (occasionally followed by a custard slice!) when I lived in Aberdeen, but they never included the layer of beans at the bottom - must try to get back to Shetland soon to sample this one - or do they deliver do you think?

Rob said...

SMF of SM? What could you possibly mean by that Mr Hague? What do you take me for?

The curry pie was slightly odd and will only be sampled again in cases of extreme emergency. The macaroni pie was a creation sent straight from heaven. If I find a better pie I will eat my hat.

The Leicester Llama said...

You know perfectly well what SMF of SM means, Rob. And shouldn't that be 'eat both my hats', as you are of course 'Two Hat Tw*t'?

Anonymous said...

Mr Hague, have you been sneaking off to Flamborough again,or was it just the sore throat again!!

Mark said...

Mr Fray. I might fart a lot but you snore and talk in your sleep!!!!