20th October: Cheer up you miserable git.

With the divorce papers, greeting me first thing, today was showing all the signs of being a great day! Bugger it I have decided that I have no control over this situation so there’s no point moping around and making me and everyone else miserable.
A planned shopping trip to Murderhall with Bethany and my mums store cards was the order of the day. I think I‘m getting too in touch with my feminine side as I’m starting to enjoy these shopping jaunts – god help me. There is a decent pie establishment at Murderhall – Crawshaws. Unfortunately, following the spectacular floods during June it remains closed. Do not be tricked in visiting the Pie King in the Oasis as it is shit and don’t mention the Chav pies from Greggs. Three full days have now passed since consuming any pies, though I did make a splendid Paella tonight, which half sounds like Pie!!

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