15th October: From bad to worse

A walk around Exnaboe and Toab this morning produced very little except for a Garden Warbler and a single Yellow-browed. To make things worse the Toab shop had no pies and the weather turned yucky. With all these things in mind I returned to Sunnydell and went back to bed. Rob tried to get me to go to Quendale with him but I was by now far too comfy. I got up, after a very refreshing two hour kip to see Rob and Sparky walking down the lane! Where was the car? Well my former trusty chariot had broken down halfway between Fleck and Quendale. Rob had managed a lift by charming the pants off some single grannies. What with rain, no birds, no pies and no car could the day get any worse? I'm sure it can and probably will I wonder if they make a Prozac Pie!!

Secret Piedaphile ring uncovered at Virkie

We recovered the car from Quendale and after towing it for a while got it started. A visit to Mainlands produced no pies and worse still I was almost tempted towards the dark side for a Chicken Tikka Samosa. The evening improved with some nice people in the Sumburgh and beating the Punk Birders at pool - finally we can beat them at something.
Last day tomorrow so a visit to the Sandwick bakery will be in order to clean up on the pies.


Boulmer Birder said...

Mark, are you one of THE Liecester Llamas? I thought I recognised the dog...

Mark said...

No I'm not but I was the Northern correspondent I am indeed staying with a former Llama and the dog is indeed Sparky the wonder dog.

Tom Mc said...

Mark, providing the Killdeer sticks then I'll be visiting Shetland at the end of this month, so reading this has been invaluable for genin' up on savouries. Perhaps a few grid references for good pie stores?

I hope you'll be continuing this when you get back to Yorkshire. I think that it could be a very valuable tool for finding good pies. I had a sausage and bean pasty from Greggs yesterday - ghetto savouries!

Mark said...

Hi Tom

Hoping to carry this on when I get back to Sheffield. I will be searching out new pie haunts and discussing the merits of that Sheffield based pie condiment Henderson's Relish. Rob says if you're coming up to Shetland to contact him before you come up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark. Would just like to echo Tom mc's comments about pies!, as am coming up to Shetland in a few days time and your blog has been really useful! Having missed both of Norfolk's Killdeers (dip and school trip to France!) I am too really hoping this one sticks!


Connor Rand

Mark said...

Don't want to shatter your hopes boys but the Killdeer hasn't been seen since wednesday!!

Richard Fray said...

THE Leicester Llamas? Blimey.

I think it's the first time I've been involved in a "cult".

I've been called something similar a few times, mind.


PS - odd remnants of the long-defunct Llamas website can still be gleaned from: